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Fun for All Ages

From ages 5 – 95

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Go to Fairs, Farmers Markets or the backyard

Play at Night

Glow in the Dark balls!

Parties – Birthday or Others!

$25- $65 per person

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What is a GellyBall Dealership?

A GellyBall Dealership is a protected territory business that offers GellyBall parties/products to the general public either by a traveling mobile unit to the client, a fixed field/space, resorts, festivals or a combination of any of these.

GellyBall is the ultimate fun-filled activity for kids and adults alike! Combining the excitement of paintball with the safety of GellyBall technology, this game offers a unique and thrilling experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

With GellyBall, players use specially designed markers that shoot soft, squishy balls filled with a safe and non-toxic gel. This makes it an ideal game for children and adults of all ages, with no risk of bruises, welts, or other injuries often associated with traditional paintball. GellyBall is also incredibly versatile, with a range of game modes to suit any player. Whether you’re looking for a fast-paced game of capture the flag, a team-based competition, or a free-for-all battle, GellyBall has you covered.

The GellyBall markers are easy to use and require no special training or equipment, making it an accessible and inclusive activity that everyone can enjoy. The soft and lightweight gel balls are easy to handle and offer a satisfying “splat” when they hit their target, making the game even more exciting and immersive.

  • Low Cost to Start – several different packages available.
  • Low Cost to Operate
  • 98% Gross Profit Margin = Fast ROI
  • Easy to do as a side business or make this your new main job!
  • Low cost demo pack available to “try before you buy” dealership
  • Training & Resources offered 
  • Ongoing Support 
  • GellyBall gun is a commercial-grade gun with warranty offered in our WRAP program
  • Not a Franchise – its a Dealership
  • Limited Dealerships offered in each county – Get yours before they are all snatched up.

Package Pricing

Need more equipment to start? No problem! We have packages with more gear, or you can add more equipment at any time!

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Dealers are protected from over-saturation by State Operators by limiting the number of active Gellyball dealers allowed in each county.