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A GellyBall Dealer has multiple streams of income. But the two most common are Parties and GellyBall Ammo sales. Actual revenue will depend on the number of parties hosted and the number of people attending each party and the amount you charge each guest. Simply put, if you do not do any parties/events, you will have ZERO income. 

Gellyball does not set your rates, or require you to do any parties. This is all up each individual dealer.

Here is the big picture breakdown of the revenue streams.



Parties – Mobile or Fixed Units

Below is a sample income matrix, based on actual dealer history.

Most Dealers have 6 parties a weekend, each 2-3 hours long.

Depending on your area, a typical party is $35 per person that includes 2 pods ammo. Larger metro areas can be $45-$65 per person depending on area.

So, if you follow the 10 person party at $35/per person your $3,995 dealer package divided by $350 revenue per party = 11.41 parties to break even on your initial dealer package purchase.

So, if you follow the 10 person party at $45/per person your $3,995 dealer package divided by $450 revenue per party = 8.87 parties to break even on your initial dealer package purchase.

Simply put, in 2 -4 weekends if you host 8-12 parties, you should have recovered your initial investment.

GellyBall Pods filled on Table
GellyBall Profit Model Matrix
GellyBall Pods filled on Table

The Sale of GellyBalls (Ammo)


The actual GellyBalls are ridiculously inexpensive for a Dealer to purchase. A FULL Pod of 750 GellyBalls costs the Dealer $0.14 and retails for $5 – $8 per pod! We recommend selling your full Pods for $5 each, or 5 units for $20. Almost everybody takes the 5 for $20 price.

So, 5 Pods will cost you $0.14 x 5 = $0.70 and you just sold them for $20.00 or a 96.5% Profit Margin.

You can sell extra Pods at Parties, or just use this strategy at events like State Fairs, Farmers Markets, Concerts, or wherever people gather. Get them shooting GellyBalls and make your money!


You will also need to include liability Insurance which is $900 – $1100 per year, or about $91 per month. G6 can provide you with the contact information for established GellyBall Dealer insurance, or you are free to use your own agent.


At GellyBall, we make it easy to get into business. If you need Financing, we have established relationships with these companies to give you choices of Finance Companies that cater to all credit scores and financial needs. All companies listed below have designated Application Managers that are familiar with GellyBall and will work to get you the best rates possible.

KLC Financal

Prefered GellyBall Financing

Leslie Farmer
Direct – (612) 598-0074


Click Lease

Soft Credit App – No hard inquiry

Results in minutes

Recommended for: $500 to $15,000

Please Review Rates Before Signing

Trio Capital

Chris Barraro

Senior Account Development Manager

D: (856) 282-5878 M: (856) 438-0675

Recommended: For $1,000 minimum, 600+ FICO Score

Inquire for application.


Bob Hartshorn

Eastern Sales Manager


Recommended: For $3,995 and up, and 650+ FICO Score

Inquire for application

Matrix Business Capital

Rodney Rambo

Direct – (562) 472-0505

Recommended: With $5,000 minimum and up, 650+ FICO Score

Acentium Capital

Stephen Marcucci, CLFP

Finance Manager – Sales

W: 281.883.0116   M: 480.544.0855

Recommended: For $5,000 and up, 1+ year in business, and 650+ FICO Score

Money Resource Group

Evan Money – CEO

Shawn Walker – General Manager


Inquire for application.


Can be applied for directly through website upon checkout, click the PayPal option!

PayPal determines if you qualify for financing for PayPal Credit or “Buy Now, Pay Later”