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A word you will hear often about becoming a GellyBall Dealer is that you are joining a “Family”. This is a unique opportunity where all Dealers help each other out. For example, we have an invitation only Facebook group where dealers around the country openly share their successes and failures so others may learn. Additionally, G6 GellyBall and GellyBall corporate will be there every step of the way to help you be successful. Come be part of the family!

All Dealers enjoy multiple points of support, including:



Lets be real. Things break. Especially electronic things that have moving mechanical parts inside that get used often. So, don’t let the heart of your business be unprotected.

Competitors or retail purchased blasters do not offer this service. When they break (and they will), you have an expensive paperweight.

The GellyBall WRAP Program stands for Warranty Replacement And Product.

Simply put, for a low fee each month, you automatically get the GellyBalls that you need, plus full coverage on your blasters.

The WRAP program is mandatory. But receiving the ammo that you need automatically each month AND full warranty repair or replacement for your blasters, is a smart business decision.

Monthly Subscriptions (all include blaster warranty)

      • $49/mo – 200,000 GellyBalls
      • $99/mo – 500,000 GellyBalls (1 gallon container)
      • $149/mo – 490,000 GellyTracers (7 x 70k sized containers)



  1. Onboarding and Training Resources
  2. Business Startup Resources
  3. Marketing and Media Resources
  4. Support from GellyBall and Other Dealers
  5. Protection from Over Saturation (by population & dealership type)
  6. Access to Online Dealer Store
  7. Wholesale Pricing on Retail Ready Products
  8. Access to WRAP Program

Frequently Asked Questions


Is the big corporation going to boss me around?

NO. Dealers operate their businesses how they choose, without exorbitant ongoing franchise fees. NO ROYALTIES PAID!


Is there a lot of local competition?

Dealers are protected from over-saturation by State Operators. Dealerships are capped at one dealer per 60,000 population density.


What else do I need to get going?

Our dealer’s work on an individual basis, meaning they are responsible for:

    • Business registration
    • Insurance
    • Advertising
    • Typical business set up requirements
    • Optional for additional price
        • Website creation/assistance
        • Business start up assistance

What do I get with a dealership?

When you purchase a dealership, you’re buying: 

      • The equipment in the package you pick
      • Ability to use our brandname and logo
      • Dealer exclusive resources at
      • Access to our private GellyBall Dealer Facebook group.
      •  Wholesale pricing

What if stuff breaks?

It will. See the WRAP Program above to protect yourself.


Are there any Competitors?

Always! GellyBall was first to market and has been copied. However the competition does not offer any warranty and shoots at a higher FPS (feet per second) meaning it stings more. Oh, and Google “Gel Blaster Recall” if you want some more info.